I had been in love with idea of yoga for as long as I can remember, but as I delved further into the practice I began to realize that there weren't many people in these spiritual spaces that looked like me or had remotely gone though the struggles synonymous with being a person of color. Dramatically enough I was on the brink of taking my own life before I allowed it to truly change me. I was overweight, depressed and ridiculously unfit for being in my early twenties. Through the power of yoga I regained my self-confidence, control of my mind and most importantly my sense of identity, self-worth & self love.  After receiving my 200-Hr Certification in 2017, I fell in love with helping others reach their highest personal potential,  however in 2018 after becoming a 500Hr Certified Teacher I realized my calling was to bring my gifts back to my own community.

Jodie Smith

Offering healing, education & a social spiritual wellness community for People of Color navigating through yoga and meditation with a focus on highlighting mental health care in the minority community . Exploring what it means to be of color and "Spiritual" through our socioeconomic, cultural and historical lens. Melanin Body Soul & Magic Melanin Mama are both inspired by the works of great men and women of  color before me to uplift my black community through absolute and complete wellness of the mind, body & soul.