MBS Founder Jodie Smith

Our Retreats 

The MBS Retreat is a 2-day holistic wellness weekend workshop intended to serve the ever evolving and excelling African American & POC community in an effort to spread the healing benefits the practice of yoga, meditation, self-care and education. Each retreat features themed workshops aimed toward overall health and soul wellness. MBS Retreats were created in response to the lack of  representation and inclusion within the yoga community. 

Our Retreats 

Investment*: $111

Where: Los Angeles, Ca

When: Monthly

*Accommodations & meals included in price*

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Learn the history behind yoga, our personal history as well as taking back our health and healing through education and exercise. No matter your faith learn how to connect your cultural & culinary history and practice without  having to over-explain what makes you, you.

Workshop & Cooking Classes

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Love self -care but don't know where to start? We learn the basics of essential oils, bath salts, candle making as well as the complete guide to natural hair and body care. No matter what your hair and skin texture or type there is a place for you! 

Aromatherapy & Natural Hair & Body Care


Through yoga and meditation we find empowerment in the ability to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually, giving our inner

children the opportunity to fully express themselves. Allow yourself to overcome the generational traumas placed upon us through  soul healing.  

Yoga & Meditation