A blend of four powerful herbs this Yoni steam is perfect way to naturally ease Fibroid discomfort. Yoni steaming can aid in the release of mucous while increasing blood circulation. Yoni steaming can help ease the discomfort of fibroids & wide variety of menstrual complications. These herbs help soothe symptoms related to heavy menstrual periods, blocked fallopian tubes and regulating irregular menstrual cycles.


Changing diet and incorporating a nourishing practice of body movement such as yoga, walking, dance, running etc. The fertility steam supports healthy pH balance and promotes a more fertile environment for conception, overall reproductive wellnessas well as managing PMS symptoms


This is a NATURAL product containing a combination of herbs, seeds & flowers. Our steams are packed with herbs, seeds & flowers to further infuse while in your care at home. 

This is a natural product and is not guaranteed or intended to work on everyone. Everyones skin is different. Please contact your doctor if you have medical questions. This is not a drug, cure, or health remedy to replace normal medical care.

Yoni Steam

  • Rose, Damiana, Lavender